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Oxy-Powder® Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleanser, 120 Capsules

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Oxy-Powder® Oxygen
Based Intestinal Cleanser, 120 Capsules

Oxy-Powder is a safe and effective colon cleanse product
that uses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify your entire
digestive tract and relieve bloating, gas and occasional constipation. †

What are the
benefits of Oxy-Powder?

  • Cleanses, flushes, and
    detoxifies your colon while you sleep.
  • Dislodges toxin-filled fecal
    matter without harming the natural flora in your intestines.
  • Easy capsules, no horrible
    tasting concoctions!
  • Does not require time off
    work or an interruption to your daily schedule.
  • Uses oxygen for gentle and
    safe cleansing of impurities, toxins, and harmful organisms.

Shocking statistics about constipation and
colon health

  • Constipation is defined as
    having fewer than three bowel movements per week.
  • Medications, IBS, laxative
    abuse, disease, poor diet and lack of exercise are common causes of
  • Over 4 million Americans are
    frequently constipated.
  • 2.5 million doctor
    appointments every year are for constipation and nearly half result in the
    use of laxatives.
  • Americans spend over $700
    million every year on over-the-counter laxatives.
  • According to the American
    Gastroenterological Association, many people unnecessarily buy and use
  • Routine use of some stimulant
    laxatives can cause dependency and frequent use may lead to complications.
  • Women and adults over the age
    of 65 are the most likely to suffer from constipation.

Why is Oxy-Powder the best colon cleanse

  • Oxy-Powder is designed to
    clean the entire 25 to 30 feet of the digestive tract and oxidize and
    reduce the amount of hard impacted fecal matter. Other cleansers stimulate
    mucous production in the colon rather than breaking down hard fecal
  • Oxy-Powder contains a unique
    combination of ozone-oxygenated magnesium and citric acid, not harmful
    herbs which can damage the delicate intestinal lining.
  • The active ingredients in
    Oxy-Powder are clinically proven safe and effective.
  • Oxy-Powder is carefully made
    in the USA under strict quality controls and processing.

What are the top 3 questions asked about

  1. Should I only use Oxy-Powder
    when I'm constipated?
    Oxy-Powder can be used as an
    intestinal cleansing agent or to relieve the symptoms of constipation.
    This means that anyone that uses Oxy-Powder can and will benefit from its
    oxygen cleansing properties.
  2. Will I lose weight while using
    Oxy-Powder is not designed to promote weight
    loss. While some people have reported weight loss up to 20 pounds when
    using Oxy-Powder, this is not body fat or muscle, but is the elimination
    of stored, compacted fecal matter.
  3. Can I take Oxy-Powder with
    over the counter products?
    No contraindications have been
    reported when taking Oxy-Powder with over the counter products as long as
    the Oxy-Powder is taken 6 hours before or 6 hours after the medicine. It's
    always best to check with your healthcare professional before adding any
    supplement to your regimen.


  • Elemental
    Magnesium (From 2,746 mgs of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides)

    Ozonated magnesium is the only form of magnesium that is capable of
    releasing nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream to
    support your digestive health. Oxy-Powder provides a steady, controllable
    stream of oxygen into your body over at least an 18-hour period.
  • Natural
    Citric Acid

    When combined with the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, this natural
    compound is a catalyst for the oxygenation process. The high solubility
    and zero toxicity of citric acid makes it a perfect complement to the
    other ingredients. We only use non-GMO, natural, citric acid.

Other Ingredients

  • Organic
    acacia gum

    Added as a flow agent, Dr. Group revolutionized the supplement
    manufacturing industry by refusing to add toxic fillers, binders and
    excipients like magnesium stearate to his products. He researched many
    substances and developed and tested all-natural approaches and
    replacements using either organic diatomaceous earth or organic acacia
    gum. Unfortunately, manufacturers are still using cheap, toxic compounds
    in their formulations.
  • Kosher
    certified vegetarian capsules

    All natural, vegan friendly, Kosher-certified. Easy to swallow, easy to
    digest, dissolves rapidly to quickly deliver Oxy-Powder. No preservatives
    or chemicals.


Initial Use

Take 4 capsules with a full glass of purified water on an empty stomach
before bed. If you do not achieve 3-5 bowel movements the next day, increase
serving size by 2 capsules each night until you achieve 3-5 movements. Continue
this amount for 5 more days.


Take your serving size 2-3 times weekly or as desired.


  • Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon
    (preferably organic) to your water when taking the capsules.
  • Drink plenty of water while
    using Oxy-Powder.


  • Keep out of reach of
  • Consult your healthcare
    provider if you have a history of cardiac or kidney disease, or for any
    additional concerns.

Overnight Cleanse

Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and the juice of 1/2 a lemon into 16
ounces of purified or distilled water. Take with 6-8 capsules of Oxy-Powder
before bed. Oxy-Powder will cleanse your intestinal tract while you sleep,
allowing you to relieve yourself of toxins the following morning.

† Results may vary.

statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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