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6 ways glutathione can support your health

6 ways glutathione can support your health
Antioxidants play a vital role in protecting your health from environmental toxins and what we call, "free radical damage" - that comes from oxidative stress.  And there may be no more powerful an antioxidant than glutathione, often referred to as “the master antioxidant,” for maintaining optimal health.
Glutathione’s many benefits include enhanced detoxification capabilities; better periodontal health and brain, heart plus liver protection from oxidative stress.  But, it doesn't stop their - this valuable antioxidants does so much more.
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6 ways glutathione can support your health

1. Improve and protect cognition
Glutathione may hold the key to preventing or slowing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. One factor in Alzheimer’s is oxidative stress - the damage caused by free radicals.  Glutathione combats oxidative stress.
In fact, animal testing confirms that it is possible to improve memory and reduce Alzheimer’s-related symptoms with the addition of glutathione.
2. Strengthen the immune system
Viral infections cause oxidative stress - which depletes the body of glutathione.  If you suffer with Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr or any other viral condition - a depleted (compromised) immune system will have difficulty fighting off dis-ease. 
But, when glutathione is restored to optimal levels, the immune system has a greater ability to destroy the microbes that threaten our overall wellbeing.
3. Help for addiction dis-ease
From painkilling drugs to sugar, addiction disorders are a major health concern throughout the world. 
The idea that an antioxidant could be helpful in the fight against substance abuse may be hard to believe, but studies suggest an increase in glutathione can do just that.  Increased glutathione levels can help eliminate toxic substances from the liver and protect against the oxidative stress caused by drug and alcohol abuse.
Keep in mind, when dealing with a serious health condition, it's often not enough to rely on food sources to maintain your glutathione levels.  That's why I encourage you to experience what a good quality, glutathione supplement can do for you. 
4. Better sleep
A good night’s sleep is just as important to optimal health as nutritious food and regular exercise.
Unfortunately, too many people suffer with disturbed sleep patterns.  For example, sleep apnea - a common and potentially dangerous sleep disorder - may be due to a glutathione deficiency.  Naturally, eating too late at night, eating too many sugars (and alcohol) and overexposure to artificial (white) lights from TVs and cell phones can cause sleep problems.
People with sleep apnea have higher levels of oxidative stress - which depletes glutathione. When glutathione (and melatonin) levels are restored to normal, sleep quality can improve - dramatically.
5. Healthier pregnancy
Women with low glutathione levels may experience more depression, preterm labor and impaired development to the fetal brain.  Eating foods rich in sulfur and cysteine can boost glutathione levels and help prevent these complications.
Note: Glutathione supplements are generally not recommenced for pregnant or nursing women.
6. Protection against cancer cell growth
Low levels of glutathione can lead to more damage from oxidative stress and increase the risk of cancer cell growth.
Increasing glutathione may lower the risk for some types of cancer and slow the growth of some cancer cells. Bottom line, maintaining proper levels of glutathione in your body ought to be considered a crucial part of any anticancer program.

Action step: Increase your glutathione levels today

Always check with a qualified, integrative healthcare provider before starting any significant (new) lifestyle program.  Having said that, no doubt, eating more cruciferous vegetables, asparagus, garlic and foods rich in cysteine and the amino acid building blocks for glutathione - is an intelligent move.
Keep in mind, taking traditional oral glutathione supplements isn’t the most effective method due to the way glutathione breaks down in the liver.  That's why I recommend the liposomal form of gluathione.  It's delivery system will protect the glutathione from normal digestive activity.
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