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The BIG deal about stress: How the immune system and digestion get damaged

The BIG deal about stress: How the immune system and digestion get damaged
If you rarely experience stress – then, you must have been born under a ‘lucky’ star.  In reality, many of us are feeling stressed out and its negative impact on digestion and the immune system can't be denied.
Now, don’t get me wrong: occasional stress is one thing, but the risk of dis-ease go way up when a person is subjected to chronic emotional and mental stress. 
No doubt, most Americans are aware of how unchecked stress levels are bad for the nervous system, but a good number have no idea that stress is bad news for the digestive tract and immune function.

Step one: Protect the immune system by recognizing health threats and avoiding unwanted toxicity from drugs

It all begins with recognizing how stress is affecting you.  Unexplained anxiety of ‘small things;’ hyperactivity; anger issues and an inability to concentrate are all signs that stress is hurting you.
Obviously, for many people, identifying the true source of stress can be tricky – to say the least.  But that doesn’t make it less important to figure out – as soon as possible.  Sadly, the conventional (medical) approach of a ‘pill for every ill’ is far from the most effective solution for the problem.
And, in many cases, these ‘anti-stress’ drugs can make you feel even worse! 
The unavoidable truth is that stress depletes the body of valuable nutrients and sets the stage for unwanted outcomes.  That's why I created the NaturalHealth365 Store and constantly promote the value of healthy eating (and lifestyle choices).  It's the most important thing you can do to counter the negative effects of stress in your life.
Simply put: The long term use of pharmaceutical drugs will not (effectively) address the effects of stress on your body.  And, ultimately, only add to your toxic burden.
Surprising truth revealed: Recent scientific data shows how people taking antidepressant medication increase their mortality risk by 36 percent.  So, as the old saying says, let the buyer beware!

How stress heavily influences your digestion and immune responses, study shows

In a research conducted by Ohio State University scientists and published in the Brain, Behavior, and Immunity journal, there was a change in terms of diversity, composition and gut microorganism numbers after test subjects were exposed to stress. In addition to the intestinal bacterial communities becoming less diverse, the population of harmful bacteria like Clostridium increased tremendously.
Keep in mind, this is serious stuff, because integrative healthcare professionals often remind us that the digestive system is really our ‘second brain.’  In other words, our thoughts and feelings are often determined by the health of our digestive system.
Stress, poor dietary habits and the use of antibiotics will greatly diminish the health of your gut.  To help restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria - learn more about the benefits of LuvByNature LuvLife Biotics.
According to Dr. Bailey, stress affects physiological function by altering bacterial amounts in the gut and, in the end, interfere with the immune system.  Naturally, if you’ve been exposed to antibiotic usage – that damages the gut even more.
In conclusion: gut bacteria alterations could be the culprit behind the worsening of dis-eases during stressful times.  If you’re concerned about health issues like, asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart disease – do everything you can to clean up and improve the function of your digestive system.
Remember: a strong digestive system will enable you properly deal with stress and keep your immune system strong - all the years of your life.
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